Alnwick Rum Percy Warmer
Alnwick Rum & Lindisfarne Mead

Alnwick Rum Percy Warmer

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Developed in 2013 as a Rum alternative to the Percy Special, this drink is the combination of the Legendary Alnwick Rum and our famous Lindisfarne Ginger wine.  Added to this cocktail of spices are vanilla, lemon, cinnamon & cloves.

With an aroma of pungent ginger and mixed spices the initial sweetness in its flavour gives way to a warm mouth filling mix of dark rum and zesty ginger. This leads to the flavour of dried fruits, sultanas & raisins and the finish leaves you with an oaky, spicy aftertaste, which makes for a very sophisticated drink.

This full bodied, flavorsome, smooth and warming mixture can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks after a cold winters walk or mixed with ginger ale in a long drink.

Available in 50cl % 5cl bottles


No added allergens