Lindisfarne Mead Dark
Alnwick Rum & Lindisfarne Mead

Lindisfarne Mead Dark

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Our Dark Mead is a stirring drink. It has been created in order to respect traditional thinking to commemorate the region’s Roman to Modern day history. This heady dark drink uses honey sourced worldwide to create the perfect balance.

Produced only at St Aidan’s winery stands which stands in the clear unpolluted atmosphere of our most beautiful Holy Island of Lindisfarne which is a tidal island. It has an ABV of 14.5% and is a limited-edition mead, which includes honey from the hives on the banks of the local river Tweed. The deeper colour of the Dark is echoed in its rich flavour.

Fans of port and sherry will appreciate this drink and its delectable taste. Ideal as both a pre and after-dinner drink, why not treat yourself, your family and your friends to something different.